For HEALTH – Bloodstone Bracelet

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  1. Physical Health: Bloodstone Crystal is Believed to be an excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healing stone.
  2. Emotional Balance: Bloodstone may promote courage and reduce stress.
  3. Protection: It’s said to shield against negativity and psychic attacks.
  4. Chakra Alignment: Bloodstone can align with the root chakra, promoting stability.
  5. Creativity: Some believe it enhances creativity and decision-making.
  6. Spiritual Growth: Bloodstone may aid in releasing negative patterns.

– Everyday Wear for Men or Women.
– Corporate/Business gifting.
– Gift for Beloved or friends or family.

Crystal Stone : Bloodstone.
Stone size- 8 mm beads.
Dimension – Free size.

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Note : Although we believe all crystals emit a special energy and frequency, they should not be used in place of medical treatment of any kind. Crystals should be used as part of a holistic approach to healing, in essence helping your mind and body to heal itself.

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