Seven Chakra Howlite Bracelet

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– Red carnelian – Root chakra – helps in grounding
– Citrine – Sacral Chakra – Helps in Creativity
– Tiger Eye – Solar Plexus chakra – Helps for strong will
– Green jade – Heart chakra – Helps in love and healing
– Lapis Lazuli – Throat chakra – Helps in communication
– Amethyst – Third eye chakra – Helps in intuition
– Selenite – Crown chakra – Helps in Spiritual growth

Howlite is a powerful healing stone to balance all chakras. Brings Joy, good health, wealth, abundance , prosperity and Success .

– Everyday Wear for Men and Women.
– Corporate/Business gifting.
– Gift for Beloved or friends or family.

Stone size- 8 mm beads.
Dimension – Free size.

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