About us

U T S A V A A Soulful Gifts offers a range of products related to spirituality and wellness. Our products include crystals, crystal bracelets, singing bowls, salt lamps, and books. These items are believed to have healing properties and can be used for various spiritual practices such as meditation, chakra balancing, and manifestation. Utsavaa Soulful Gifts is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products that can support them on their spiritual and wellness journeys. At Utsavaa We also offer books related to spirituality, personal growth, and wellness. These can be valuable resources for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of these topics and incorporate them into their daily lives.

Who We Are ?

The name U T S A V A A emanates from the Hindi word which means Celebration – a time of rejoicing, Celebrating, a time of renewal, a time of new beginnings. It’s a time when Utsavaa spreads Happiness in all its beauty, vibrations, energy . Whether you are looking to enhance your meditation practice, promote relaxation, or simply add some positive energy to your life, Utsavaa Soulful Gifts has something for everyone. Located in Mumbai With It’s Supply Across India and few parts of UAE we are growing big since 2015

About Us

At U T S A V A A, We Also Specialize in Corporate business gifts. Wherein, We have created Combo’s of our beautiful products. When you send a luxurious UTSAVAA ‘s business gift, you make a statement about how much you value the connection. A thoughtful present of the finest Candles and Crystals will keep you top of mind and serve as a reminder of how you do business.

Our Mission

They have a kitchen, so you can cook some of your meals if you want to, itu2019s nice for breakfast especially. The views are gorgeous, I love seeing the ocean, mountains and beach all right there.

Our Values

This cove reminded me so much of the beaches in Europe! Itu2019s right down from Hanama Bay. The water was crazy clear and sooo pretty! We saw turtles and whales

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