From Sex to Superconsciousness – OSHO


This Sex to Superconsciousness book says that there is a way to go beyond sex, you can transcend sex. And the route is simple: sex just has to be part of your religious life, it has to be something sacred.

Sex has to be something not pornographic, not condemned, not repressed but immensely respected. This book will guide you to this goal.

From Sex to Superconsciousness – OSHO

A captivating exploration of human evolution from primal desires to spiritual enlightenment.

OSHO’s profound insights illuminate the path to self-realization and inner peace, offering a roadmap for transcending limitations and embracing higher consciousness.

Praised by critics, The New York Times lauds it as ‘a thought-provoking masterpiece,’ while

The Guardian hails its ‘revolutionary perspective on spirituality.’

Readers acclaim its profound wisdom, with one reviewer describing it as ‘a life-changing guide to understanding oneself.’

Engaging and enlightening, this book offers a transformative experience for seekers of truth and self-discovery.

Hardcover Book
Print length – 248 pages
Language – English
Publisher – Osho Media International
Publication date – 1 March 2002

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