California White Sage Smudge


Start and end your hectic and stressful day with a relaxing note by smudging.

BENEFITS of burning Smudge Sticks

– Dispel Negativity and energy blocks.
– Believed to possess maximum medicinal properties, smudging Sage Sticks in the right way purifies the air with its antibacterial properties.
– Reduce stress and calms your mind.
– The negative ions released by smudging naturally cleanse the space thereby making you feel soothed and stress-free.
– Repels insects and mosquitoes

How to cleanse by Sage Smudging/burning ?

Just before beginning the smudging, all you need to do is gather materials like a heat/fire resistant bowl/sage burner/tray, matchsticks or a lighter, and sand.

• It all begins with keeping the environment of your home ventilated. So, to let the smoke out of your house, keep the windows and the doors open before you start burning the sage.

• Further, light the Sage Sticks with the help of a matchstick or a lighter, hold it at a 40-degree angle for about 20-30 seconds, and let it burn.

• Then, gently blow the flame out and let it start smoking. To take a note; if the sticks do not emit smoke, light it again by following the above procedure.

• As the sage starts smoking, all you need to do is to set an intention or the purpose for which you are smudging the sticks. Doing so will make the smudging process much more effective and beneficial to you and your family members.

• Then handling it carefully, make the smoke of the sticks fill each room by moving it in a circular direction or just walking into the different rooms. Make it a point neither to fill any area of your house with extra smoke nor to inhale its smoke directly into your lungs as it may cause suffocation.

• Once done, press the Smudge Stick firmly into the vessel, sand, tray, or bowl that you have with you and extinguish the Sage stick. If you are using the same stick one more time, do not use water as it may ruin the tip, thereby making it harder to light the next time.

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