Citrine Tigers Eye Bracelet For MONEY & PROTECTION

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Citrine Tigers Eye Bracelet For Money & Protection


  • Attracts abundance, wealth, and luck in business and career.
  • Provides courage, confidence, and strength to achieve goals.
  • Cleanses aura of negativity and repels evil vibrations.

Product Description:

Gemstone: Citrine and Tiger Eye (Natural)

Stone Size: 8mm beads

Dimension: Free size

Ideal For:

  • Daily wear, ensuring constant access to its beneficial properties.
  • Corporate or business gifting, conveying positive energy and prosperity wishes.
  • Meaningful gifts for friends, relatives, and loved ones on significant occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Citrine Tigers Eye Bracelet For Money & Protection

Here are some commonly cited benefits of wearing a citrine and tiger eye crystal bracelet:

  1. Energy and Vitality: Citrine is associated with warmth, energy, and vitality. Wearing citrine may help to boost energy levels, increase motivation, and promote a positive outlook on life.
  2. Abundance and Prosperity: Citrine is often referred to as the “merchant’s stone” or the “stone of abundance.” It’s believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and success. Wearing citrine may help to manifest abundance in various aspects of life, including finances, career, and relationships.
  3. Confidence and Creativity: Tiger eye is associated with confidence, courage, and creativity. Wearing Citrine Tigers Eye Bracelet For Money & Protection may help to boost self-confidence, enhance willpower, and stimulate creativity, making it useful for artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to overcome self-doubt.
  4. Protection and Grounding: Both citrine and tiger eye are believed to have protective properties. Citrine is thought to protect against negative energy and promote a sense of inner calm, while tiger eye is said to provide grounding and protection against harmful influences.

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