For Health, Passion & Creativity – Red Jasper Tumbles (2 pieces)

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– Red Jasper is Known as the ‘Supreme nurturer’ .
– Also known as The Endurance Stone, Red Jasper Helps especially during times of Stress and Depression.
– Red Jasper carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration which gives you a strong sense of stability, and also have an effective energy to boost your creativity.
– Its helps in awakening Chi & Kundalini energy.
– This Stone’s energy helps release guilt and shame around Sexual expression and enhances Vitality, Strength and Passion.
– Wearing Red Jasper is one of the best ways to bring consistent healing, strength, and passion into your life.

Best ways to Use-
– Keep it in your pocket/purse/wallet so its healing vibrations will always be with you.

– Place it under pillow or on work desk or Bedside table drawer

– You can also hold it in your hands when you pray or meditate and focus attention on what you desire, set your intentions, your Red Jasper will work on your vision without any deviation


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