For HEALTH & WEALTH – Serpentine Bracelet

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– Serpentine’s energy helps one feel in control of life. It corrects imbalances in emotions and brings healing energy.
– Clears clouded areas in the chakra’s and stimulates the crown chakra.
– Powerful stone for kundalini activation and spiritual exploration.
– Serpentine is a good cleansing stone, it detoxifies the blood and the body.
– It supports healing by aligning your energy field with the Earth, which invigorates the body.
– It’s Vibrations helps heal relationships and bring harmony.
– Serpentine balances mood swings, it is calming in cases of nervousness and stress, it protects from negative energy effects.
– Its green energy can be used with focused intent to open your heart chakra, and increase prosperity, good fortune and the ability to reap the benefits of all your hard work.
– It’s Vibrations enhances Immune system and help maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system.

– Everyday Wear For Men and Women.
– Gift for Beloved or friends or family.

Stone : Serpentine
Stone size- 8 mm beads.
Dimension – Free size.

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Note : Although we believe all crystals emit a special energy and frequency, they should not be used in place of medical treatment of any kind. Crystals should be used as part of a holistic approach to healing, in essence helping your mind and body to heal itself.

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