Hanging Bowl for Mindfulness

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Hanging Bowl with wooden Mallet.

– Vibrating sound and waves shatter the negative energies around the place.

– These bowls are believed to balance the body’s energy, reduce stress, and enhance mindfulness.

– They have a rich history intertwined with Tibetan Buddhist rituals and are valued for their therapeutic benefits in promoting mental and physical health.

–  Used for music therapy.
This Hanging Bowl is Made in India.

7 Stage Quality Check right from Procurement of base metals to high quality finish products.

Sound Tested from highly experienced & trained sound practitioners. Supplied, Used Intensively & Extensively by all over the World.

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As these are MADE TO ORDER , bowls set is specifically handmade by artisans for you which takes some time so Item will be shipped 15-20 working days after order placement.

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