Love & Divine Feminine – Rose Quartz & Peach Moonstone Mala

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The combination of rose quartz and peach moonstone in a our mala creates a harmonious blend of energies, offering:

  1. Love and Compassion: Rose quartz is known as the stone of love, promoting compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. Peach moonstone enhances these qualities, fostering deep emotional healing and nurturing.
  2. Emotional Balance: Both stones have gentle, nurturing energies that help balance emotions, soothe anxiety, and promote inner peace.
  3. Divine Feminine Energy: Peach moonstone is associated with the divine feminine and intuition, while rose quartz embodies feminine energy and nurturance. Together, they support the cultivation of intuition and connection to the heart’s wisdom.
  4. Creativity and Inspiration: Peach moonstone is believed to stimulate creativity and inspiration, while rose quartz encourages self-expression and creativity from a place of love and authenticity.

Bead size- 6mm. Guru Bead- Rose Quartz
108 Beads and guru bead Handknotted with Love JUST FOR YOU

– Malas are commonly used for mantra chanting, yoga and meditation.
– It can be used in everyday-wear as a powerful accessory.
– Wear a Mala Necklace around your neck or wrap it around your wrist as a chic and meaningful accessory.
– Gifting to beloved , family, friends etc.


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We use only natural gemstones beads, each with unique markings and shades, so each item is unique and therefore Guru Bead may vary slightly from the picture.

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