PROTECTION & CLARITY gemstone Rakhi – Om Lapis Crystal R-21


This is a natural gemstone Rakhi made of crystal Beads like tiger eye, black onyx, rhodochrosite, labradorite. Centre piece is Crystal Lapis Lazuli with “OM” Engraved on It.

– Lapis lazuli is a powerful ‘Stone of Communication’ Which encourages you to speak your truth with confidence.
– Also brings clarity, insight, Creativity and deep inner peace.

This Natural Gemstone rakhi have following additional benefits;

  • Tiger’s Eye:
    • Protection from negative energies
    • Boosts courage and self-confidence
  • Black Onyx:
    • Absorbs and transforms negative energy
    • Enhances self-control and decision-making
  • Rhodochrosite:
    • Supports emotional healing and self-love
    • Encourages compassion and forgiveness
  • Labradorite:
    • Enhances intuition and psychic abilities
    • Protects against negative energies and psychic attacks
    • Stimulates creativity and imagination
  • Lapis Lazuli:
    • Promotes inner peace and self-awareness
    • Enhances communication and self-expression
    • Inspires clarity of thought and creativity


NOTE- GST will be added on checkout. Delivery in 4-8 working days. It contains Rakhi only (Roli, Chawal, Sindoor/Haldi not included)

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