Seven Chakra Bracelet with Buddha Head bead

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This Seven chakra bracelet is made with healing crystal stones that have the ability to help your chakras align themselves.

Red Jasper – Root chakra – helps in grounding, Gives stability and Courage
Carnelian – Sacral Chakra – Helps in Creativity, Gives success in career
Citrine – Solar Plexus chakra – Helps for strong will
Green jade – Heart chakra – Helps in love and healing
Sodalite – Throat chakra – Helps in communication , Self Confidence , Creativity
Lapis Lazuli – Third eye chakra – Helps in intuition, reduces anger, anxiety, stress
Amethyst – Crown chakra – Helps in Spiritual growth , Protection , Healing

Stone (natural) : Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Green jade, sodalite, Lapis lazuli and Amethyst.
Stone size : 8 mm beads.
Dimension : Free size.

Ideal For:

  • Daily wear, ensuring constant access to its beneficial properties.
  • Corporate or business gifting, conveying positive energy and prosperity wishes.
  • Meaningful gifts for friends, relatives, and loved ones on significant occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Seven Chakra Bracelet with Buddha Head bead

Here are some of the benefits associated with each healing crystal stone in the bracelet, aligned with their corresponding chakras:

  1. Red Jasper – Root Chakra:
    • Grounding and stability.
    • Boosts courage and strength.
  2. Carnelian – Sacral Chakra:
    • Enhances creativity and passion.
    • Supports career success and motivation.
  3. Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra:
    • Strengthens willpower and confidence.
    • Fosters positivity and abundance.
  4. Green Jade – Heart Chakra:
    • Promotes love, harmony, and healing.
    • Encourages compassion and gratitude.
  5. Sodalite – Throat Chakra:
    • Improves communication skills.
    • Boosts self-confidence and creativity.
  6. Lapis Lazuli – Third Eye Chakra:
    • Enhances intuition and inner wisdom.
    • Reduces anxiety and promotes clarity.
  7. Amethyst – Crown Chakra:
    • Facilitates spiritual growth and awareness.
    • Provides protection and inner peace.

Wearing this Seven chakra bracelet helps align and balance the chakras, leading to improved spiritual and mental well-being.


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