Seven Chakra Crystal Mala – 108 Beads


1 – Red Jasper – Root chakra – Helps in Grounding, Feelings of Security & Balance.
2 – Orange Carnelian – Sacral Chakra – Helps in Courage, Confidence & Luck
3 – Yellow Calcite – Solar Plexus chakra – Helps for Strong Willpower , Prosperity
4 – Green jade – Heart chakra – Helps in Love, healing ,Fortune ,Wealth & Harmony.
5 – Sodalite – Throat chakra – Helps in Clear communication ,Intuition, Creativity.
6 – Amethyst – Third eye chakra – Helps in Increasing Psychic Abilities & Protection.
7 – Howlite – Crown chakra – Helps in Spiritual growth, Mental Peace & Serenity.

Rudraksh Benefits –
Rudraksh is known for its ‘Protective, Purifying and balancing energy’ properties.
– it helps in stabilizing our body and having calming effect on our heart and senses
– It evokes soothing energy that deepens compassion for self and others.
– Promotes Serenity, relaxation and calm.

Mala Specifications-
Mala’s Bead size- 8mm.
Guru Bead- Rudraksh
108 Natural Crystal beads and guru bead Handknotted with Love JUST FOR YOU

– Malas are commonly used for Mantra Chanting, yoga and meditation.
– It can be used in everyday-wear as a powerful accessory.
– Wear a Mala Necklace around your neck or wrap it around your wrist as a chic and meaningful accessory.
– Gifting to beloved , family, friends etc.


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