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Alleviate Insomnia and Stress with the healing energies of these crystals.

This Kit includes Crystal Tumbles + a card that states each crystal’s name and purpose, so you, or whoever you are buying for, know what each crystal does!

Crystal Tumbles :
Amethyst , Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz.

Crystal Benefits :

AMETHYST is a Great ‘Tranquilizer’ and ‘All round healer’ which is excellent for relaxing mind, Releases negative emotions, soothes anxiety and combats Insomnia.

CLEAR QUARTZ is known as a ‘ Master Healer’. It absorbs, stores and regulates energy. Its known for holding a sense of peace and serenity.

ROSE QUARTZ is a powerful healing ‘Stone of unconditional love’. It is believed to improve your quality of sleep, restore your energy and induce pleasant dreams.

How to Use-
– You can keep it in your purse or wallet.
– By placing near your Bedside or under Pillow, Crystal Vibrations gives maximum benefits.
– You can also hold it in your hands when you pray or meditate and focus attention on what you desire, set your intentions and Manifest !


Note: Taxes will be added on checkout and Item Will be shipped in 2-3 Business Days. Tumbles which you receive will vary from the picture shown as every stone is unique and naturally procured from mother nature.

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