WEALTH and ABUNDANCE – Pyrite Tumbles (2 pieces)

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– Pyrite is Believed to be a stone for attracting the energy of wealth and abundance.
– Its a Powerful Manifestation Crystal especially regards to financial growth.
– Pyrite’s vibrations creates an energy field which blocks out negativity from all sources.
– Also helps with Determination, Focus and Will Power.
– Pyrite is also known and believed by healers to increase the flow of oxygen in the blood. So it is good for healing related to respiratory issues and strengthens circulatory system.
– It is an excellent stone to help with any business endeavors, as well as academic pursuits.
– Pyrite radiates optimistic and cheerful energy that is also solid and grounding.

Best ways to Use-
– You can keep it in your money box or locker or purse.
– By placing on your work desk, Pyrite’s Vibrations gives maximum benefits.
– You can also hold it in your hands when you pray or meditate and focus attention on what you desire, set your intentions, your Pyrite will work on your vision without any deviation.
– You can place pyrite in any areas of your home or Office that need the energizing and uplifting.
– You can also place pyrite in your own lucky direction for money.
– When used as an energizing or protective cure, place your pyrite close to the front door, in the living room or office, or anywhere that will benefit from its unique combination of energies.



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