Woman and Rebellion – Osho

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The talks explore the beliefs women hold, which have allowed them to remain enslaved by men; whether women’s liberation is succeeding in bringing freedom; the fundamental differences between the two sexes; and also questions which educational system would most benefit the feminine qualities.

Osho challenges us to consider the meaning of true liberation. “Until now, man has not allowed a woman to become an individual; instead he has tried his best that she should not become an individual. For thousands of years, a woman was not allowed to be educated because education bestows a personality.

Osho is known as an appreciator of female qualities, and as a supporter of the rights of women in a male-dominated world. Woman and Rebellion is a collection of osho talks given to students attending some of India’s all-women colleges.

At the time these talks were given, Osho was also holding vast public talks in venues around the country. In contrast, his listeners here are young women and their teachers. Osho has described at times how he has to speak in a language that can be understood by his listeners, and one wonders just how differently he chose to address these particular assemblies.

159 pages.
Publisher :Osho International.
Publication date :1 January 2022

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