Life Is A Soap Bubble – Book by Osho


Life Is A Soap Bubble – 100 ways to look at Life – Book by Osho

The one hundred short passages in this book are full of diverse, pertinent gems. They will touch your heart and your being. They will inspire your life, showing you how to turn each and every moment into bliss.

If you have come to the point where you feel there must be something more to life and are ready to explore other dimensions of your being, this collection of thoughts will provide an essential road map.

“I teach discontent. I teach you to be discontented with just being a person. Human life is just a temporary stopover on the whole journey of life, not the final destination. And those who take it to be the final destination waste a priceless opportunity to rise beyond man. We are a midpoint in a long process of evolution. Our past was part of the journey and so is our future. Evolution does not end with us, it will transcend us also.” Book by Osho

Life Is A Soap Bubble – 100 ways to look at Life – Book by Osho

100 letters written by Osho and mailed to a disciple

Print length – 151 pages
Language – English
Publisher – OSHO Media International
Publication date – 10 October 2012


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